99 Names Of Allah

99 Names of Allah. Every name having meaning. Whoever will memorize these name will enter into Paradise . [Sahih Muslim, Book 035, Number 6476]

99 Names of Allah

Remember names of Allah and see what is the meaning and reward of these names to use them in your daily life.

Names of PBUH

Understand the 99 names of Muhammad PBUH and get the compensation in your world and eternal life.

Guidance with Hadith

Get guidance from Haidht and spend yur life as per the instructions of Allah and make a way towards heaven.

Guidance with Tafseer

Learn to know what Allah wants to teach you through Quran. Without undertanding Quran, you may not be able to be true Muslim

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  • Welcome to 99 names of Allah

    Welcome to the 99 Names of Allah .
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