• Namaz in Arbic & Urdu

    Namaz in Arabic and Urdu

    We have tried to make all the information Authentic from Different books . Please let us know in case there is anything wrong by mistake of some typographic mistakes. Niyat of Namaz and Tariqa of Namaz could be found here

    1. First we starts with Niyat

    Niyat of Namaz in Arabic and Urdu

    2. After this We need to go for any Surah

    Namaz Salat 1

    3. Then You need to Go the the Next Step of Namaz (Salat)

    Namaz Salat 2

    4. The Next Step of Namaz (Salat) is as Follow

    Namaz Salat 3

    5. Follow the Next Page for Further Namaz (Salat)

    Namaz Salat 4

    And you are done with Namaz .

    Note: Please Note that This information is above is take from Authentic books , but still there could be some mistake , please let us know if there is any?



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